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FattKATT alerts on a list of triggers via a command line interface and audio beep. Developed primarily by Vleerian.

FattKATT is a simple script that takes a list of NationStates regions from a .txt file, sorts them by update order, and informs the user when the game API reports they have updated. It does a good job of accurately reporting when the region in question has updated. It is probably used for tag runs.

FattKATT requires a list of regions to trigger on in trigger_list.txt. If this file doesn't exist in the same directory when when FattKATT is run, the program will create it and prompt you to fill it out. Each trigger should be on it's own line. Quickdraw has an options to export a .txt file intended to be compatible with FattKATT!

The command line will ask for inputs including your main nation (for idenficiation to NS) and for the speed at which you want the program to check your triggers. The default 750ms is reccomended, as further approaching the site-legal limit of 600ms runs a risk of accidentally exceeding the API rate limit and being temporarily locked out.

This script relies on the NS API being up and running smoothly. If the NS API is down or lagging, the tool may enter an error state or report incorrectly.


To run FattKATT, download the relevant executable from the GitHub Releases page and then run the file. Bypassing security warnings from your OS or antivirus may be necessary. Follow the instructions displayed in the command prompt window, and see the README or GitHub page for further assistance.


  • The newest release of FattKATT can be found in the Releases page of the GitHub, where a more detailed README can also be found. v1.2 or better is reccomended.

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