TBH Tool Repository


A browser extension used to bind certain raiding actions to keypresses. Natively available for Firefox and Chrome.


Easy puppet prep for raiding, and more! Windows .exe, Linux binary, Mac executable, and Python source available.


Generates a spreadsheet of regions, used to identify raid targets and trigger placements. Available for download (.exe. or .py) or web-based use.


Automatically generates a list of raid targets and triggers via a web-based interface.


C# tool for triggering assistance. FattKATT alerts on a list of triggers via a command line interface and audio beep. Executables for Windows, Mac, and Linux available.


Alerts on a list of triggers via a GUI. NONFUNCTIONAL: DEADEYE 2 COMING SOON!

Report Linkifier

A webpage that turns a list of region and nation URLs into forum BBCode.

Recent Refounds

A list of recently refounded nations, refreshed once every 30 minutes, for use as a recruitment aid.

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