TBH Tool Repository

Tool Policy

As stated by TBH’s Approved Tools Policy, all members of TBH may only use approved tools for TBH operations. More importantly, only approved versions may be used.

This policy exists to ensure that TBH members only use tools that have been extensively vetted for rules compliance, and also to ensure that tainted look-alikes are not inaverdently used during operations.

As an individual player, you are responsible for verifying all tools you choose to use are fully compliant with the rules. TBH makes every effort possible to ensure that a tool complies with all game rules, but ultimately, individuals are responsible for affirming that the tools they use are rules-compliant.

As a reminder, tools of any purpose must generally comply with the following rules:

  • Not make more than 50 API requests every 30 seconds
  • Not make more than 10 site requests every 60 seconds
  • Not attempt to evade the above limits
  • Identify the tool and user clearly via the user-agent in all requests

Use of any tool that does not comply with the above rules may result in administrative repercussions on NationStates and are strictly forbidden from any use.

If you suspect use of an unauthorized or rule-breaking script, please inform a Council Member immediately.

Script Review Process

The script review process ascertains whether a tool complies with all NationStates rules, and if a tool is suitable for use by TBH members. Tools that comply with NationStates rules may not necessarily be approved for use by TBH members.

Scripts are reviewed using the following process:

  1. Source code is first posted on a public website, preferrably the NS Technical Forum, and submitted to the Council of Hawks for review.
  2. No fewer than two TBH members supervised by the Council will review the code for compliance with NationStates rules. Tools may be audited for rate-limit compliance using Wireshark or a similar program.
  3. Code reviewers will explain how the tool works to at least one Council member. At least one Council member must understand how the tool functions for it to be approved.

Please contact Ever-Wandering Souls (@Souls#2571 on Discord) if you are interested in having a tool approved for TBH use.


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