TBH Tool Repository


Automatically generates a list of raid targets and triggers.

Quickdraw takes an uploaded Spyglass sheet and various parameters, then generates targets and triggers.


Quickdraw is hosted online, no download is needed. Quickdraw can be accessed on Github, here.

Most of the fields on that page are pretty self-explanatory. All time fields are in SECONDS. Upon hitting "Find targets," a pop-up will walk you through potential targets and triggers in sequence, that you may accept or decline. Once you've completed the designated number of targets or reached the end of update, you will be given the oppurtunity to download a "Raid File" containing a numbered list of targets and triggers, or plain .txt of trigger regions (useful for FattKATT!)


While Quickdraw is web-based, it is possible (but not simple) to run a local copy. For details see "Running a Local Copy" the Github README.

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