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Keybinds for Raiders

Feather is a browser extension used to bind certain raiding actions to keypresses.


Feather is available in the Chrome and Firefox stores, no download is needed if you wish to use the script in the default form in those browsers. Feather for Firefox can be found here. Feather for Chrome can be found here.

To install from either extension store, simply click the button there to "add to [browser]." From there, you may turn the extension on and off, or remove it, in your extension settings. Store extensions will also be updated automatically. The included bindings are as follows:

  • A: reload page
  • Q: go back
  • U: check if you updated
  • S: endorse nation
  • O: ban nation
  • K: eject nation
  • R: confirm WA join
  • F: move to region whose page you're currently on
  • B: move to Suspicious (double press: first opens page, then moves there)
  • E: apply/resign to WA (double press: first opens page, then selects option)
  • W: go to the region page for your current region
  • D: appoint yourself as and/or deappoint ROs (title will be "Raider Unity")

Downloading (for other browsers or to set custom keybinds)

You can download the latest version of Feather from Github, here, by clicking the green "Code" button and selecting the "Download ZIP" option. This allows you attempt to figure out how to add it as an extension to other browsers, or to modify the keybinds. It is highly recommended that you use the store versions, but if you insist on modifying the binds, it is possible to do so.

Modifying the binds or RO title is not overly complex, but does require some basic willingness to modify code, which you do so at your own risk. After extracting the downloaded .ZIP, there should now be a folder called "FeatherNS," which contains the code for the extension. Open the file called `content.js` using an applicable program (i.e. Notepad or Notepad++). In this file, the code is somewhat self-explanatory. The keybind to refresh the page is located `case 'KeyA':`, and so if you wanted to rebind the refresh key to R instead of A, you would change this line to be `case 'KeyR':`

If you are unsure of what to swap in for your desired key, you can check using this website, by pressing whatever key you're trying to use, and then copying the `event.code` into the single-quotes. This is especially important to do if you are not using a standard QWERTY keyboard, because while `KeyY` on a QWERTY keyboard is just Y, `KeyY` would actually be a Z on a QWERTZ keyboard, or F on a Dvorak keyboard.

After doing this, you have to actually load the extension into your browser. For example, on Chrome, go to `chrome://extensions/`, enable developer mode by clicking the slider in the top right corner, click the "Load Unpacked" button, and select the FeatherNS folder.

A video example of the process, demonstrated for Chrome on a Mac as of March 2022, can be found here.

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