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Easy puppet prep for raiding, and more!

Swarm is an application created by Sweeze primarily for getting nations ready for a raid. It takes a list of nations and password, applies them to the World Assembly, and moves them to a designation region (i.e. your jump point). It also has a feature for easy poll raiding, puppet login, finding your WA among your puppets, and more features are planned.


Swarm is available on Github as a Windows executable, Linux binary, Mac executable, and Python source code, as detailed in "Downloads" below. Once installed, on first run, it will not launch fully, but will create a file named "config.json" in the same folder. Edit this file (such as with the default Notepad app on Windows, Notepad++, or similar editor) to contain the puppets you want Swarm to process, and their passwords, in the format demonstrated.

When you have completed filling the config.json with your relevant puppets, run Swarm again, and it will launch a GUI window. Complete the fields as directed (i.e. enter your main nation and the Jump Point on the "Prep" tab to prepare puppets), and then click the button repeatedly to execute the prep actions. This button will lock out momentarily after each click, until the action is complete, to comply with NationStates coding rules. For the same reason, each nation you prep will require 4 clicks to complete all actions.

After clicking through prep for all of the nations in the config.json file, Swarm will show an "out of nations" status. Explore the other tabs to see other features!


You can download the latest version of Swarm from Github here, and view the complete documentation here. Use of the latest version is recommended.

Most releases should icnlude a Windows .exe, a Linux binary, and a Mac executable. The documentation page also describes how to run Swarm from source and install the required dependencies.

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